ARYA Essentials
Trading, simplified.

Starting out just got easier

Beginners step

Ease yourself into the trading world with a simple, no fuss assistant to guide you.


Automatic entry mode

Have confidence your assistant will enter your trade at the most optimal opportunity. ARYA will only place an order following a fractal logic.

Visual mode

Have the famous ARYA performance box displayed on your chart so you can quickly enter into a trade.

Set Templates

Discover the array of set templates available with ARYA Essentials to quickly and effectively determine the market's trend.

Keep your capital safe

Trade with security

The money in your trading account has a huge influence on your performance and must be preserved. This just got easier thanks to the use of Automation.

Have more control over your trades

Improve your trade management

No hard calculations, just a few settings to ensure your 
trades are optimised and return a good profit.


Stop Loss Volatility

No need to make any calculations yourself. Define the size of your Stop Loss from XS to XXXL and your assistant will execute the trade.

Take Profit Factor

Set the Profit Factor so that your assistant will place your Take Profit according to the amount of risk you’re taking.

Trailing mode

Place different speeds of trailing mode; Slow, Fast or Swing, and ARYA Essentials will position a trailing stop on the last confirmed fractal in the profit zone.

A custom-made trading assistant

Personalise your strategy

Take your first steps towards tailoring your trades with some advanced filters.

Easy indicators, get an overview

Streamlined decision making

Effortlessly analyse the market. All the essential technical indicators are readily available with your ARYA Essentials assistant. Here are just a few.


ARYA Breakout zones

Quickly see areas where the market has broken through important levels. Breakout zones are good trade entry points.


Get a hint of the market trend with a colour coded curve. Green shows a bullish trend and red shows a bearish.

ARYA Convergence

Use the colour coded display to see an assets trend over different units of time. Red shows a downtrend, yellow stagnant and green an uptrend.

Choose the plan suited to you.

Base your decision on the capital you have to invest.

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