Trading, redefined.

Set your market entry method

High-precision timing

Access several types of entry modes depending on your trading style. Choose the ideal mode for you according to your preferences.



Trust the ARYA software to determine the most optimal market entry point according to algorithmic calculations and market conditions.

Limit order

Set the price level at which you want to enter into a trade. When the market reaches that price the order will be automatically executed.

Market execution

Instant, direct trade entry. Enter the market at the current market price in just one click.

Set limits to preserve your capital

Maximum security

Your capital is what drives your performance so must be protected at all costs. Control your risk and put an end to losing streaks thanks to the ARYA Pro software.

Control your trades flawlessly

Tailor-made optimisation

A competitive risk/reward ratio is essential. Have your ratios automatically calculated and optimised with ARYA Pro.



A number of Take Profit (TP) types are available for different trading needs. 
For example, set the Smart Take Profit 
to automatically set your TP at the next support or resistance level based on the direction you have defined.

Stop Loss

Adjust your Stop Loss in one click. Choose from a multitude of options to suit your trading style and the movements of the market.

Trailing mode:

Choose from more than 12 different trailing modes. Have peace of mind that your profits are secure when you’re away from your screen.

A custom-made trading assistant

Personalise your strategy

Push your ARYA Pro trading experience to the max with these advanced filters.

Key indicators for an overview of the market

Streamlined decision making

All essential technical indicators are readily available with your ARYA Pro assistant so you can effortlessly analyse the market. Here are just a few.



Use the ARYA FPP indicator to see key support and resistance levels plotted on your charts.


Easily read the current market trend with the HMA indicator. Green shows an up trend and red shows a down trend.

ARYA Convergence

Quickly know the market trend over each unit of time using the ARYA Convergence indicator. See a color-coded summary at a glance.

Choose the plan suited to you.

Base your decision on the capital you have to invest.

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