ARYA Trade Manager
Sharpen your trading strategy.

Market entry three ways

Customised initiation

Optimise your trade entry based on market conditions and according to your strategy.



Trust the ARYA software to determine the most optimal market entry point according to algorithmic calculations and market conditions.

Limit order

Set the price level at which you want to enter your trade. When the market reaches that price the order will be automatically executed.

Market execution

Instant and direct trade entry. Enter the market at the current market price in just one click.

your capital

High-level security

Safeguarding your trading account is of the highest importance. 
Limit your losses with smart risk management.

Accumulate and secure your gains

Precisioned trading

Combine the benefits of automation with pre-programmed computerisation while keeping full control.


Automatic Stop Loss

Adjust your Stop Loss in one click. Choose from a multitude of options to suit your trading style and the movements of the market.

Modify your breakeven

Once the market has reached the percentage distance set, your Stop Loss will move up to near your entry point. You can adjust the Breakeven manually as the trade progresses.

3 customisable Take Profits

Secure your gains and accumulate profits as the market moves. Set up to 3 Take Profits and safeguard portions of your trade based on the percentage weighting you set.

Use alongside your ARYA App

Enhance your results

Use technology and the analysis of expert traders to your advantage

Inbuilt indicators, get a market overview

Streamlined decision making

Analyse the market to find better trade opportunities. All essential technical indicators are readily available with your ARYA assistant. Here are just a few.


ARYA Variation

Display your daily, weekly and monthly gains as a percentage.


Display the spread of the asset you are viewing at that point in time.

ARYA MinContractValue

Display the minimum number or lots available to be traded on the asset you are viewing.

Choose the plan suited to you.

Base your decision on the capital you have to invest.

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