Funded up to 100%


Funded up to 100% by our partner

A long-term investment training course

  • Invest in Shares, Indices, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Precious metals, Commodities, and CFDs
  • Learn how the financial markets operate
  • Build a portfolio that is profitable in all market conditions 
  • Increase your earnings and limit time spent rebalancing your portfolio

Access essential learning tools

  • ARYA App - Free version: trade ideas posted by expert traders
  • Weekly market analysis sessions, live with a professional investing coach
  • #WeloveARYA, a supportive and proactive community of investors

Are you already an investor or just starting out?

Either way, knowledge is priceless. RLT is the long-term investing method making the financial markets accessible to everyone.
Bonus… we can teach you it all for free, depending on your country of residence!

If you’re already saving, great! But is your money working for you?

Your savings are most likely sitting in the bank gaining very little in interest and decreasing in value due to inflation...

... and many people think the stock market is just for experts, not realising they can use it to protect their money, grow their savings and sculpt their future.

So what’s the solution?…

We have a simple method to enhance your financial situation using the stock market, and it’s definitely not rocket science!

Whether you are looking for a way to grow your savings, take your first steps on the markets or want a new, refreshing approach to your investments, RLT is the training for you. 

Learn how to invest to achieve a return on your money in a secure, expert-led way for long-term growth, ace!

Follow the process and jump straight in!

With RLT training, you’ll be able to:

  • Invest in the stock market
    and find great opportunities
  • Create a balanced portfolio
    that performs well under all market conditions
  • Secure and grow your capital
    over the long term
  • Outpace inflation
    to accumulate more than leaks away
  • Manage your portfolio
    with ease and without intermediary fees

Your path to success

  • Understand the stock market
    Discover a top investing strategy condensed into one effective and easy to follow training course.
  • Build your own portfolio
    Choose the right opportunities and learn about market timing. Place your orders and start profiting.
  • Maximise your profits
    Re-balance your portfolio and keep it optimised in only a few minutes each month.

Content of the training course

  • Module 1: Introduction on the Stock Market
  • Module 2: Understanding the Stock Market
    Deep dive into the stock market, learn the basics and how to position yourself on the right opportunities.
  • Module 3: Winning in the Stock Market
    Kickstart your journey using tried and tested investment strategies and gain all the know-how from highly experienced expert investors. Buying your first shares has never been so easy.
  • Module 4: Conclusion

You have an awesome opportunity 
to learn and it's funded up to 100%!

Our world-renowned partner broker is funding the RLT training course so that you can keep and smartly invest your capital. Being trained, having knowledge and a solid foundation to invest means your chances of success are enhanced.

How to take avantage of it?

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Step 2: If you’re on the list, open an account with our partner broker for free, deposit your capital and get started! Access your online training and progress at your own pace.

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