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Wall Street 2.0

Funded up to 100% by our partner

A long-term investment training course

  • Invest in Shares, Indices, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies, Precious metals, Commodities, and CFDs
  • Learn how the financial markets operate
  • Build a portfolio that is profitable in all market conditions 
  • Optimise your portfolio performance over the long-term
  • Increase your earnings and limit time spent rebalancing your portfolio

Access essential learning tools

  • ARYA App - Free version: trade ideas posted by expert traders
  • Weekly market analysis sessions, live with a professional investing coach
  • #WeloveARYA, a supportive and proactive community of investors 

Content of the training course

  • Module 1: Introduction
    10 years of trading experience summarised to bring you up to speed.
  • Module 2: Create your own winning trading system
    Create a mathematical advantage to maximise your gains over time.
  • Module 3: The opportunistic approach
    Learn to analyse the market in 3 ways and accelerate your performance.
  • Module 4: The statistical approach
    Create your own automated portfolio that follows the trend of indices, stocks, commodities, cryptos and forex. 

Learn to trade like a Wall Street professional.

Discover the secrets of professional traders. Master their strategies, their mindset, different approaches and much more!

Take your trading performance to the next level.

Often it’s only a few tweaks to your strategy that can propel your returns and make all the difference to your performance. Learn about the power of U, the importance of risk return and the skillful techniques you can incorporate into your own strategy.

See the difference with automation

The opportunistic and statistical approach to trading just got easier. See the difference between manual trading and when trading with ARYA.

Having a way to protect yourself on the downside and reducing the risk to your capital, is one of the most important factors in trading.

It’s all about trading simply with a high level of protection, and at the same time, achieving consistent gains over the long-term.

With the Wall Street training 2.0, you’ll be able to

  • Diversify your sources of passive income
    while maximising your time to money ratio.
  • Take your trading knowledge to the next level,
    en incorporating a professional trend-following strategy.
  • Create an automated trading system.
    that performs well under all market conditions.
  • Leverage your portfolio with technology
    and take the stress out of trading.
  • Secure and grow your capital
    with the simple process of accumulation.
  • Master your mindset
    and align your vision towards the long-term.

Your path to success

  • Perfect your trade set up
    Simplify your approach. Discover a professional trading strategy condensed into one effective and easy to follow training course.
  • Build your own trend-following portfolio
    Choose the right opportunities and understand the power of a trading plan. Place your trades and start profiting.
  • Maximise your profits with automation
    Leverage the power of technology to boost your performance and save time. Keep your portfolio optimised in only a few hours each week.

You have an awesome opportunity to learn and it could be free!

We get paid by our world-renowned partner broker, AvaTrade, which enables us to offer you the Wall Street 2.0 training course so that you can keep and intelligently invest your capital. We know we all need guidance so having knowledge and a solid foundation means your chances of becoming a profitable trader are much greater.

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